With rumors of a Z8, where does the Z7 fit in?

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Re: With rumors of a Z8, where does the Z7 fit in?

Jeff Self wrote:

When the Z7 debuted, everyone thought it was a mirrorless version of the D850. But now that there are rumors of the Z8, where does the Z7 fit now?

its in my hands, and when it’s not there it fits on my tripod or a monopod or a Platypod, in a shoulder bag or in a rolling case, depending on where I am going and how I am transporting it to wherever I’m going.

After all, the D850 is a professional camera.

so is the Z7. At least it is when I am using it.

Best jack of all trades dSLR there is.

i know! Just like the Z7 is the most versatile, well rounded, best handling, capable mirrorless camera on the market today.

A rumored Z8 seems to me that it would be the equivalent of a D850.

That remains to be seen. I can tell you from personal experience that at any ISO over 640 the Z7 has a better signal to noise ratio than the Sony A7R4, which likely uses the same sensor (but not processing engine pipeline) as the Z8 likely will use.

So what's the purpose of the Z7 then?

Making photographs NOW, as opposed to waiting for a camera that right is only a rumor.

I see the purpose of the Z6. It's basically equivalent to the D750/D780.

a little sanity inserts itself.

Maybe the Z8 will be the equivalent of the D5/D6?

Like the Canon EOS 1DX and Sony A9 cameras, the D5, S6 cameras are relatively (compared to the D850, Z7, A7RIII and A7R4, and 5DS and 5DSR) low resolution cameras optimized for Photography requiring high ISO settings and very high frame rate in contrasty lighting.

Then maybe there will be no Z9?

Provided the Z8 isn't the D5/D6 equivalent, what's the point of the Z7?

Making photographs NOW, as opposed to waiting for a camera that right is only a rumor.

I'm a happy owner of a D850, D500 and a Z6. Hoping to have mirrorless versions of my D850

It’s available now and it’s called the Nikon Z7. But hey, it’s really not the equivalent of the D850, it’s actually better. Better AF performance, better handling, less bulk and weight, and more fun to photograph with.

and D500 in the next couple of years.

looking forward to seeing the pictures you are making NOW.

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