Lens choice - help needed

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Lens choice - help needed

Hello yall and greeting from the european North

I have Just boight myself a used xt3 /w battery grip and i now  wait for its arrival - the kicker is that i have never owned a fuji before so i have no lenses

So now i need you good lads and Lasses to tell me what lens to get for my first dive in to the world of fuji

Background: Last year in May i suddenly got the urge to bring a camera for some concerts (dont know why, Just happend) so i took my Sister old Canon DSLR and headed out - IT was realy fun and the post-prosessing felt rewarding.

I started to read more about photography and discoverd the one and only truth: you have to shoot with a full frame!

So i sett out in to the misty world of used cameras and dragd out a almost pristine Canon 5d mark 2!

How could life get better? Summer fast aproching, and finding myself armed to the teeth with FF(!!!), lenses and COOL (pro?) shoulderslings..

Turns out, that a decade old camera might mot be the best of choices when you are comparing yourself with concerts pro shooters, and since i myself have been shooting for aaages now (read weeks) the fault must be with the gear - so the Hunt for the perfect gear continued

Turns out that you dont need a ff camera to fullfill most needs (Who knew?) and that many many many People say that the fun of shooting excells al Else, and that you get the most fun from fuji, so here we are and you are there and i need a lense and dont know why this turned in to a bloody essay ^^

I like low light shooting and i like portraits and some cityscape

To get an idea of what i like and how i shoot, please see my insta account: Kkolsto

Looking forward for a heated debate that Will culminate in the perfect lens choice for me

Be thy well

Canon EOS 5D Mark II Fujifilm X-T3
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