The GX10 will determine the future of m43...

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The GX10 will determine the future of m43...

Strictly prognostication on my part, but the lack luster camera releases from Olympus and Lumix of late are unexciting.  The other vendors are moving their product lines forward, Fuji, Sony, hell even Canon and Nikon are taking chances with their product line up.  My GX8 was such a leap forward at the time of its release that I really haven't wanted anything new until now.  The GX10 needs to make some serious steps forward to keep people interested in m43 and be a tech leader.

These are what I think are the areas it needs to improve.

1.  Modern ports.  If all it had was a 3.5 mic input and a usb-c it would be enough.  If it comes out with the same micro-usb and no mic input, its a non starter.

2.  Improved accurate auto-focus.  I simply don't trust the current focusing algorithims.  They are focus fast, but not always on what I want.  I have much more confidence in manual or hyper zone focus than I do in the accuracy of the current auto focus.

3.  New sensor. GX10 isn't usually the place for this sort of tech, but it needs to be. More DR and more MP are welecomed.

4.  Better EVF.  I appreciate that they at least put one on, but making the camera slightly larger with a larger EVF would be grand.  Having it be tiltable is guilding the lilly.

5. Better 4k.  Granted the 4k is pretty good in Lumix cameras but I would welcome no crop 4k (especially with IBIS, I really so no reason for it not to have it).  4k60p would be great.

6. Stupid camera tricks.   Like High MP mode, post video production (like they have on the cam corders), HDR, etc...

7.  Some new styling that makes you want to shoot with the camera.  That's not what they focus on, but they should leverage their relationship with Leica and produce a more trendy/stylish camera.

8.  Release it with a new small fast, sharp lens...  Think M mount style thats between 14 and 25 mm.

I expect some push back on these, but I also expect some will chime in with their hopes for the GX10. I want Lumix/Panasonic to give me the same feeling I had when I first got my GX8.


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