M discontinuation scenario. What to do?

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M discontinuation scenario. What to do?

OK, before you throw the first stone, you should know I'm invested in the M series and is my only ILC gear so I've no interest of a M discontinuation.
But I don't like the current situation of being in this limbo where the future of this system has been put into question since Canon introduction of a different, incompatible mirrorless mount (RF) and the neglect of the M series when compared to other brands.

Now, all it takes for Canon to put a RF ring around the wonderful 32MP APS-C sensor and release 3 new compact RF-S lenses to go with it. 15-45, 11-22, 22mm.
Given these conditions I stopped considering buying more M glass with the idea of eventually switching to a more stable APS-C system in 1 or 2 years time unless things change.
BTW, this situation is not unique to the M series, folks buying SLR gear are in a similar boat.
We are in transition times, as many camera mnf, officials have already stated which I agree.

Now, extrapolating from how the Nikon1 system was dismissed and the sequence of events that precede it, I speculate the M series could be officially discontinued within 2 years, possibly around 2022, provided they don't release any M gear from now on or sooner if a crop RF body comes out.
The signs of a camera system dying are simple, no more new lenses or bodies releases and eventually major retailers stop carrying that merchandise.
A few months after most retailers run out of stock is when Canon might officially come out with the announcement but not before, since most of the old inventory has to sell.
By the way, if these rumors run louder, you can bet Canon will officially deny them until the very end, Nikon did just that with their now defunct 1 mount, haha.
Conversely, if Canon is a firm believer in their own M system they would have come out with strong official statements supporting it by now, you would think they want to sell gear but they have not.
But ultimately the clear, definitive signs of a system vitality is the release of new hardware, simple, obvious !

So the countdown begins:
"Last" M Lens Sep 2018
"Last" M Body Sep 2019

Of course, you can disregard all this speculative chat and use the M hardware and take good pictures until it stop working, but also you can opt out and sell all your gear before losing most of its value to move to greener pastures.

Any plans? what would you do? Do you believe in M?

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