EF-M 18-150 vs EF-M 55-200 vs EF-S 55-250 vs EF 70-300 IS II

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EF-M 18-150 vs EF-M 55-200 vs EF-S 55-250 vs EF 70-300 IS II

After owning all of them, some thoughts for those stuck on which to get.

The EF-M 18-150 is a superzoom, it's ideal for the M50 or M6 II because of the lightweight and ability to respond to unpredictability in outdoor-light. It's nothing to write home about either good or bad in terms of optics, which for a superzoom is good. It's secret weapon is the ability to pair with another lens, be it the 22mm for low light and outdoor duty, or, say the 11-22, 11-240 reach, etc for a do-everything solution. You can leave the bag at home and simply pocket whatever other lens you pair it with, or, go out with lens+camera only.

The EF-M 55-200 seems redundant vs the 18-150, it's not. You can't get this small or light with a EF-S 55-250 + adapter, or 70-300 IS II + adapter. It's sharper on the wide end then both on an M. Buy it used, or kit split / grey market as MSPR for it is kinda nuts. 200mm and 150mm are in fact, big differences as are 200mm and 250. It's secret weapon is the size and color, contrast and bokeh rendering are better than the 18-150, but, it's lighter and smaller than next-up 55-250 and 70-300. Truly portable.

The EF-S 55-250 IS STM is unbeatable in price on a sale. And optically excellent on the long end. Good for cheap. Good IS. It's secret weapon is price.

The EF 70-300 IS II gives you 480mm reach (on a crop) which in itself is special. It's IS is unbeatable. It's AF motor (nano-USM) when married to an M6 Mark II is in itself special. Sports shooters should consider this one more closely.


I put things in this context as for example there's reasons to own each lens. 55-250 for price. 70-300 IS II if you're doing sports where stronger IS and wicked fast AF matter more than absolute sharpness as you'll get sharper shots from better IS and better AF, the 55-200 is in fact portable and can hit 200mm and does the 55-150 range better than the 18-150, and the 18-150 is a single, or pair-able lens solution for portability which the M system exemplifies.

Hope that helps anybody agonizing should I this or that.

Comes down to price, portability and intent of the usage of the lens. These are all things once, again, a good Canon marketing material ad could've told you, but I'll say it from first hand experience.

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