Lost with Adobe photography plan - pls help

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Lost with Adobe photography plan - pls help

Hello All,

I want to upgrade my photos editing skills and for that i just subscribed to Adobe Photography plan.

But i am completely lost about how Lr, Ps etc work and even after going through so many videos i am still lost. Below some of my questions if you guys could help.

I have subscribed as recently as this weekend so my questions are related to the mostt recent 2020 versions of LR cc and PS.

1) when the pictures are imported to LR cc, they are stored only in Cloud or also on the local hard disc or pc/mobile ?

if they are only stored in cloud, means i will not be able to access them without internet ?

2) Let's say i do not need to use LR and i only want to use PS by directly importing Raw file and processing it using Camera Raw and PS advance functions.

Is it possible to do so, without using LR cc or Adobe Bridge ?

i have been reading that PS is only editing software and doesn't offer photographs management services ?

3) if i use LR cc, how to open the image in Camera Raw directly from LR cc.

watching some youtube vids, i learnt that there is we should click on "edit in" and select camera raw from photo menu in LR cc.

however with my LR cc version i don't seem to find that option in photo menu.

kindly guide.

4) what is your workflow to work with Raw file between LR/Camera raw/photoshop ?

5) any suggestions of online tutorials on latest LR/PS versions ?

(yes there are millions of videos on YouTube, but not easy to find some good ones and the ones using the latest versions. there seems to be lots of differences from one version to another)

Many thanks

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