Great zoom!

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Great zoom!

This lens came with my a6400 as a kit. I don't think they could have done a better pairing.

The lens is small, lightweight and compact for what it is. It's made of plastic but feels like premium quality plastic (if there's such thing).

Let's see some cons first;

  • No OS switch
  • Aperture darkens pretty fast
  • Distortion and vignetting at 18mm (RAW without profile corrections)

This lens extends the barrel while zooming only after 24+ mm onwards. f3.5 is almost exclusive for 18mm; you start getting f4 very soon, and f5 already from around 50mm (if not mistaken). From 70 onwards it's f5.6.

What is this lens good at?

  • Sharpness. It's sharpest at 18mm, with good contrast. You will not miss having a prime lens at this focal length. Stays more then decently sharp all the way to 135mm.
  • AF: it's fast, silent, and works very very well for video too.
  • Telephoto: you get 200mm equivalent, it's pretty dark like any mega-zoom at f5.6, but you can get background blur in portraits quite easily thanks to the long focal lengths.

Basicly this lens is good in every aspect, for all kind of non-specialized photography. It's well worth buying. Just don't expect monster bokah at medium telephoto.

The OS is worth at least two stops, possibly 3 at longer focal lenghts, from my experience. Remember it will not help you with moving subjects at night.

(note: I thought I had a defective sample before doing more accurate testing, but it seems the problem is hit and miss and mostly related to infinity focus rather then optical quality).

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