X-T4 flipscreen = dealbreaker (for me)

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Re: No, reviews didn't blame the XT-3 for the screen

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Interesting news that Fuji are officially telling people this is NOT a replacement for the X-T3, and that they're continuing to make and sell the X-T3.

I hold out hope that a significant number of features, especially AF improvements, are an easy port to the X-T3, and given that they're selling both, are highly likely to come over summer once the initial rush of X-T4 purchases are made.

I get the feeling they know full well that screen is going to be a no-go for a lot of photographers. Fingers crossed it's not going to be a permanent change, or there'll be a more still-focussed camera with proper tilt screen capabilities somewhere in the next year or so.

Why even name it the X-T4 then? Logically the higher number in the same format indicates a successor replacement. Really bizarre marketing choice.

Bizarre to me as well, but Sony does that kind of weird numbering too...

DPReview is calling XT-4 its "sister model" ... ummm ok? Would have been better to call it an XT-3V(ideo) or something.

In the official announcement:


It says nowhere that the XT4 is not a replacement the XT3.

On Fuji's website for the XT4, it also says nowhere that the XT4 is not a replacement for the XT3. They emphasize it is a camera that will target professional photogs and videographers too.

Direct quote from dpreview's "initial review "

"Fujifilm says that the X-T4 is a sister model to the X-T3, rather than a replacement, which is borne out by the specs and pricing"

Another direct quote "Fujifilm is insistent that it's (x-t4) not meant as a replacement."

Where did you read that x-t4 is x-t3's replacement?

Both "quotes" you link above are from DPR texts, that do not provide reference direct to Fujifilm saying that. Perhaps DPR "quotes" are correct but so far it seems they are based on conversations or hearsay.

In all the official material I read so far from Fujifilm, linked in my post, I can not see any quote stating that the XT4 is not a replacement of the XT3.

Do you see anything that says IT IS a replacement?

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