No Fuji lenses in DxOMark

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Re: No Fuji lenses in DxOMark

Len-O wrote:

Nywrecker wrote:

I am surprised to see that DxO does not have any Fuji X lenses in its database.

Is there a reason for that?

DxO says that they are not set up to evaluate X-Trans sensors, and Fuji X-Mount lenses can only be used on X-Mount body, X-Trans sensor cameras. Therefore no tests of Fuji X Lenses. They do not mention that even when they have Bayer sensor Fuji X-Mount & GF-Mount cameras they do do not evaluate Fuji lenses.

Perhaps it is a case of Fujifilm not agreeing to pay what DxO charges to evaluate their lenses. That is fine by me as I find my Fuji glass to be equal, and in some cases better than Nikkor glass I have owned.

I wanted to compare the differences on paper between a couple of zoom kit lenses and some primes.

That is where one can truly say, what differences exist on paper, do not express what is delivered by Fuji glass on Fuji cameras.

...and if it is a paper evaluation you want, I suggest looking to some of the other test sites such as .

Do we know for a fact that dxo receives payment from manufacturers for analysis of lenses and sensors or is that just speculation?

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