Kase, or Haida Red Diamond GND's and a CPL question

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Kase, or Haida Red Diamond GND's and a CPL question


I have spent days researching on the internet for good glass GND's. And as usual I find this review loves this one and this one loves that one.

I am going to Hawaii in Sept and want to try and get some nice shots and sunset and sunrise shots too, and so this is my first foray into GND's. Have years of experience with the circular ND's..always swore by B+W.

I know and have read about HDR and used it last year out west. And have read other methods, but I would like to try and do some GND work, especially on sunsets....don't know how well HDR would do with sunset/sunrises...?

Anyway, have narrowed it down to Kase and Haida Red Diamond. ALmost included Nisi but did not. I want glass, not resin.

Stumbled on a few articles about Medium edge Grads. Can anyone speak to that, here?

that is what I think I want, but they only offer 2 and 3 stop Medium Grads, and I don't understand why not a 1 stop, as with regular nd's...showing my ignorance here..haha?

Then I wanted Reverse GND and just like I have in my circular nd's, wanted the 1, 2 and 3 stop of those..again, no 1 stop and one doesn't make a 2 stop. but they make 4 stops, etc. Why do they not have 1 stop reverse?

Are all reverse GND's hard edge?

Does anyone have any thoughts or preferences on whether to go with Kase or Haida? Or another that I might have missed?

I did look at Breakthrough Photography but they don't have medium edge and their reverse is only 3 stop.

I want good glass, multicoated, colorless, sharp GND's.

CPL question. I have, for decades used the B+W Kaseman CPL. Not there is the Breakthrough photography X4 CPL that I am interested in. Does anyone have any experience with it? Love it? Anyone know how it compares with the Kaseman?

Oh one last thing.  I need whichever GND system I get, to allow me to use my Kaseman or X4 CPL...

Thanks to all..tim

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