Focus problems or aberration with IR converted MFT camera

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Focus problems or aberration with IR converted MFT camera


My camera is converted to 850 nm ( Olympus Pen mini E-PM2)

while using the Olymous 45 mm f 1.8 lens wide open, trying a far distance shoot...I get , depending on where I do set my focus point, very soft focus in ' large' parts of the image:

f.example: if I set focus on the right side, more than a third on the left will be blurry.

Light was behind me.

The question is now: Is this caused by aberation of the IR light and my focus point set out of centre?


Might there be a problem with the IR filter in camera? ( whatever that might be, not straight set or ?)

Even on images with central focus point , I tend to have one side a little less sharp than the other one.

( image below: f1.8, 1/400 s, Iso 200, focus point right side: lower part)

Maybe I should try another IR filter like 720 nm ?

Any ideas/suggestions welcome, Thank you.

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