pricing policies of camera makers are absolute insanity ...

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pricing policies of camera makers are absolute insanity ...

they are just totally nuts.

I wanted to buy a new camera and ask the dealer for a small discount and I am told :

"we cant discount even one penny - its not allowed by the manufacturer"

so wait a minute you will literally say no to a deal over even 5 dollars ? ---- "yup"

and then what happens ?

this is true - I walk into another store 2 days later and ask them if they can do a discount on the same exact camera and am told :

"heck we can take 50% off the price and pay the sales tax "

I buy the camera of course and ask them:

"Dude - you are running an amazing deal today - but dummy - you have no ads on line talking about the deal - you did not tell me about it at first when I inquired about the camera and you have nothing in the store promoting the offer - you are your own worst enemy "

he looks at me:

"Sir - we are not permitted by the camera maker to advertise or talk about the deal"

I look at the salesman

"Are you chitting me - you cant let folks know ?" ………….. " nope - they wont allow it "

How long is this secret deal going on ? ………… "2 days"


I ask for a price match …….. sales guy looks and acts upset that I want an internet price match ………."ok if I have to"

then the Dude looks at me and tell me there is an unspoken 40 % rebate going on that they are not allowed to advertise or talk about

Insanity - absolutely nuts …. how many sales have been lost because folks have no clue there was a huge sale going on ?

and how many folks ate a dog meat sandwich because they bought  on the wrong day of the week ?

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