My X100V arrived - first impressions

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My X100V arrived - first impressions

I got a surprise phone call today from my local camera store to tell me that they had an X100V in stock, and it was mine if I could get in before 5pm. So I slipped out of work a little early and soon found my wallet to be considerably lighter...

I haven't had time to give it a real test yet (I have to catch up on the work I ditched earlier!) but for those who are interested I can share some initial impressions. Keep in mind that this is coming from an X100F owner so I'm in a good position to compare the two.

  1. The lens is clearly much better at f2, and reasonably sharp across the frame. Comparing it against the 23mm f2 on the X-Pro 2 I would say that are about equal in sharpness, which is a big improvement on the X100F. My copy of the 100F was pretty blurry at the extreme edges and never got REALLY sharp in the corners, so this is a good improvement.
  2. I can't detect any real improvement in the AF, at least in single shot mode. I think they have probably used much the same motor arrangement (with revised glass) so that's not really surprising. It's also not really a bad thing; I missed very few shots because of the AF on the 100F so I suspect this will be the same.
  3. I HATED the touchscreen at first - I'm left-eye dominant so my nose kept changing the AF point. However once I adjusted some of the settings things improved and I'm slowly getting used to it. I still think I prefer buttons, though.
  4. Speaking of eyes, the dioptre adjustment is now much greater, which was actually a big thing for me as my eyesight was just at the limit of what the 100F could handle. Now I've got a couple of notches to go.
  5. No charger in the box (USB-C charging only). Not a big deal for me, and means that I can take one charger for my camera, watch and phone when I travel.
  6. I the new silver finish, but don't love it. I think I actually preferred the shinier finish on the 100F, and worry about how this new finish will wear.
  7. A lot of new stuff to learn in the menus and a lot of new features I probably will never use. The color tinting for mono looks interesting, but I'm not sure how useful it will be in practice.
  8. A little thing, but one that was surprisingly important to me: you can name the custom setting as with the XPro series. I missed this on the 100F as I could never remember what C1 or C2 referred to.
  9. It's nice having bluetooth in addition to Wifi and means that you can get location data from your phone, which will be good for travel. What's not so good is that the camera seems to get very warm under the grip, which might be the wireless in action.
  10. The new button placement will take a bit of getting used to, especially the placement of the Menu and Play buttons.

I'm planning to give it more of a workout after work tomorrow, but my initial impressions is that it is a solid upgrade to the 100F. I'm still not convinced all the improvements actually equate to the price difference, though; it's a great camera but is is really 1/3 better than the X100F? I guess time will tell.

Happy to answer any specific questions if anyone has any.

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