Trade reach, or aperture? for the 70-200 range

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Phil Photo
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Trade reach, or aperture? for the 70-200 range

I acknowlege first that there is no single "right" answer for this: its purely a matter of preference.
I'm just curious which way the preferences run
 I've been looking into the dearth of native 70-200 lenses for Emount.
I rather want F2.8. but the sony 70-200 is "fr*g*ng Yuge".
I just found out that both sigma and tamron are FINALLY coming out with native alternatives soon, but with a catch.
Sigma will have F2.8 70-200, but most likely be typical SigmaHuge.
Whereas Tamron will ALSO have a F2.8.. but 70-180mm.
   .. and significantly smaller.

(as in, not much bigger than its 28-70 zoom, and also sharing its same 67mm filter size! vs 77mm Sony, and who knows how large the sigma will be!)
Lets say that hypothetically, you could have a choice of the SAME MANUFACTURER and quality. So the whole "sigma vs tamron" thing is not a factor.
Which would you choose?
I for one, am thinking I'll want the smaller size.
(especially since I'll be sharing the lens with my A6600, so I'll be getting more reach for free anyway   )

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Fstop and length! I'll deal with the size
10% 1  vote
Lighter and more compact, is worth losing the 20mm reach to me.
90% 9  votes
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