Would a PenF MKII / $1500 USD work?

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Would a PenF MKII / $1500 USD work?

Been thinking if the PenF had better AF, faster response, TILT LCD, and focused even more on stills rather than video... what you think? Could it work if it was weather sealed? Full magnesium alloy at $1,500 USD? Maybe $1400? Slightly improved IBIS?

Don't bother a lot with video. Keep just a basis 4k30/24fps, nothing fancier. Maybe some new controls for the film simulations like "clarity" and size of film grain.

Don't worry to much about 40fps with full AF (exaggerating).  But focus on a very good S-AF including low light.

Nah, PenF line is RIP, let it die.
9.3% 10  votes
Yes, PENF MKII with weather sealing, IBIS from EM5.3, TILT LCD
35.2% 38  votes
Yes, PENF MKII with weather sealing, IBIS from EM5.3, but keep the fully articulated LCD
11.1% 12  votes
Yes to all that but it better have PDAF for AF!
17.6% 19  votes
Any combination of these but try to make even a bit smaller.
2.8% 3  votes
Something else.
8.3% 9  votes
Honestly, I don't care.
15.7% 17  votes
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