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Re: M10 Monochrom Interest?

RSColo wrote:

Two weeks ago Leica announced the Leica M10 Monochrom camera. This camera has the largest sensor of any M Leica ever. Without the color filter over the sensor it is even higher resolution than a color 40mp would be. It isn't an existing camera with a psychedelic paint job endorsed by Paul McCartney. It is a major step forward.

So far, on this forum, there is a thread about the great review by Jono Slack and a thread started by me asking about availability (still haven't found one). That's it. There is a related thread about a possible new color M camera with the new Monochrom's sensor. But no posting of more images or members talking about the great new features or the important features that are missing. Granted, a discussion about the high price on this forum would probably be re-redundant again. But there is very little about this new camera.

Why? Is a camera that only takes B&W not very interesting? Is the fact that this is the third camera in the Monochrom series mean it is unimportant. If this was a new Q or the new white version of an existing lens there would probably be more conversation. It just seems strange to me. Of course I am biased being a big Monochrom fan. But I thought there would be more.

I must say, 1. I generally prefer color to black and white images.

2. I am not NEARLY a good enough photographer to justify a $8200 camera.

3. I could afford it. But $8200 compounded over 7 years average stock market gains is $16500 dollars vs a maybe resale price of $5000. So that's $11000 loss which represents 2 years of property tax for my paid for house.

4. Yet given all that practical b.s. I must say I'm very impressed with the output i've seen and I wish I could justify it. Pretty sure it would make me a great photographer!

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