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Now this is more wild speculation but quite interesting. I personally think the EOS R won’t get a second iteration but the RP will.

Now the R5 is official and there is strong rumors of an R6, this would make one believe these are replacing the 5D/6D line. Specs wise it’s hard to tell as I find it hard to imagine a body having better stills specs than the R5 with current technology but who knows.

The RP could work as a new ultra cheap and compact full frame line but the Original R doesn’t really fit if we do get an R1 later on as this means the R5 really is the 5DIV successor.

So does everyone think that we will see an EOS R Mark II or The RP, R6, R5 and a possible R1 will be the future for Canon?

With the R6 being the cheap $1500ish FF and the R5 being the $3500-$4000 dual card body, there is room to market a camera for those with $2500 or so for a body. Hence, the RmkII coming out with the R5 sensor, one card slot, slower FPS than the R5, and simpler controls, in the mid $2000 range.

A body for every budget.

A 12/20fps stills, 4K 60fps video body for $1500? I mean, I hope you’re right, but do you think that’s even borderline realistic? Even if we assume Canon is not going to hold anything back, a full frame body that can sustain 12fps mechanical shutter actuations costs real money to make.

Are those the features Canon said they would put in the R6 or just rumor? I figure the R6 will be very crippled and placed under the R like the RP. A similar camera to the 6D. I doubt it will run the same as the R in ability or price. I am way off if the R6 turns out to be a 1Dx replacement in mirrorless version (20fps).

So,...regardless how they position these bodies, there will be one at each price point between the DSLR line and the mirrorless line of bodies.

It is a rumor, not what canon stated. But the R5 rumors ended up matching what canon announced quite well. 
And I have to disagree. The RP is the "crippled" R already. Can you perhaps elaborate on what you think would actually fit below the R and the RP that wouldn't be redundant? Currently you can get the RP for 1k, and the R for around 1800. So... what do you envision would be 1500 that wouldn't drive people to choose the RP or the R instead? 
However... if canon comes out with an R6 to complete against the A7III, it would be priced around 2000-2200. The R pricing can be pushed down further to 1500, the RP around 1000, and the R5 would compete against the A7RIII. That situation sound more reasonable to me or likely. I don't think canon will push their old DLSR sensors in the R6 and R5 lines any more. And they should also have IBIS. And the new processor effectively has canon catch up and exceed sony. 
I think canon is poised to knock it out of the park. It would be better for them to upend the market and solidify themselves as market leader once again, than play crippling games. In light of the "threat" of sony it makes more sense for them to do this. They can get back to the crippling game and market segmentation once the gains they can make in tech advancements decreases. And there is history to this. They essentially did the same to nikon when they became market leader with the EOS system.

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