Best Macro Lens

Started Feb 22, 2020 | Questions thread
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Re: Best Macro Lens

AZheaven wrote:

I've researched macros since I made the switch from Nikon to Sony. The Sony 90mm f2.8 is expensive, yes. But worth it imho. It doesn't extend like the other 3rd party lenses do. I've looked at the Voigtlander macros and they are all manual focus from what I've read. Venus Optics was another affordable option, and they are 2 X's magnification not 1:1, but again, manual focus only.

I would go with the Sony. At least you have the auto focus option when needed.

If no other lens at around 90mm and ok with super sharpness and f/2,8 for portraits then af might be a boon. Can't remember the last time I used af for macro. Internal focusing is nice, agreed. 'The best' is a bit vague but for me the FE 85 1,8 is great for portraits and I'll most likely get the Canon USM 100 2,8 for macro.

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