Nikon Z6 - best FF mirrorless ? third time lucky ...

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Re: Bit harsh on the new AF

VBLondon wrote:

HFLM wrote:

I am not so sure, the videos I saw don't look convincing (reg. FW 3.0) and clearly different to what I am used to with Sony, therefore I am not convinced. However, I don't really care and don't want to split hairs over this or that. If it works for your use case and you are happy, that is all that counts.

It's a happy world when users with different needs have choices that suit those needs.

No-one needs to convince you that Nikon's AF is as good as Sony's. I don't know, probably it isn't quite there even with FW3.0. Similarly, I won't ask you to convince me that the build quality, handling, ergonomics, controls, menus, EVF, compressed RAW and use of a fast robust XQD card aren't reasons I prefer my Z6 to the A7iii.

Valid points!

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