The EOS R5 is the mirrorless 5D mkV (and the R6 is the 6DIII)

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Re: According to specs...

GatanoII wrote:

DuxX wrote:

GatanoII wrote:

also 5DmkV will be much above 5DmkIV

Are you sure that there will be 5D mkV?

If the R5 is so much better than anyone can expect maybe Canon will push all 5D customers to buy the R5 once they upgrade ... but Canon will still want to be the number one for the people that prefer the optical viewfinder over anything, so at some point there will be the 5DmkV.

I'm not sure we'll ever see a 5D Mark V.

All the people that wanted video would move to the R5 without question.  The R5 just with the EVF alone is reason enough for that.  Studio shooters with eyeAF? I doubt many would stick with the 5D.  Same with wedding,etc - you're left with the people that just have problems with EVF.  Canon wants everyone to move over .. gradually or quickly as they progress with their craft.

It's a huge user base to sway to move - Canon with the FD mount came out with excellent AF and amazing lens technology: IS and USM to sway the FD users.  Sure some got left behind because they refused to go.. but the majority of them moved.

You're going to see the same thing happen here.

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