Nikon Z6 - best FF mirrorless ? third time lucky ...

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Re: Bit harsh on the new AF

MichaelHK wrote:

HFLM wrote:

cardamom wrote:

My friend believe it’s even better than A9 Sony

AF wise? One can believe a lot of things, lol.

The A9 has d5 level AF. The Nikon Zs don't, claiming otherwise is _ridiculous_, sorry to say that. Just read the threads here where people use the Z for BIF and compare against D500 etc. No competition (I used and tested the d5).

The Nkon Z has a lot to like, but one should stay realistic.

BIFers are overrated. They complain about initial snap which may be true (I don't shoot birds) but it is 1 use-case.

Most people can't afford a D5/A9 either. I used D500 for sports before getting the Z6 and I didn't miss it. Even the D5 limits your focus in the center of the frame. The last event I shoot with Z6 for fighting sports in hotel ballroom (iso8000+F/2ish+1/1250) got pretty much 100% in focus shots with fw2.2 on af-c dynamic. I never got that much with D500.

With face and eye tracking like this, I think firmware 3 is fully on par or better than the A73.

I am not so sure, the videos I saw don't look convincing (reg. FW 3.0) and clearly different to what I am used to with Sony, therefore I am not convinced. However, I don't really care and don't want to split hairs over this or that. If it works for your use case and you are happy, that is all that counts.

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