My New EM-5.3

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My New EM-5.3

I did it. Traded an EM5.2, PL/7 + a lens I wasn't using. Store threw in $100 discount on top of a $200 OLY discount. Bought the camera for $900 minus the trade-in value of the gear I broung in.

Barely out of the box, no time even to set it up this weekend. Pushed the buttons, spun the dials, flipped the LCD, looked through the EVF. I did NOT hang it on a strap or mount it on a tripod. I looked at my PM1 and PM2. I could do it with either of them.

Is it a $1,200 camera? Is it a $900 camera? Well, no. Except in the OLY world if you want the 20mm sensor, weather sealing and a "full size" grip that's what it costs.

It does feel "plasticly" to me as one poster said, more EM10 like than EM5 like. But it feels like "hard plastic" - I"m stretching for something positive to say here. I hope the on/off switch doesn't fall off

I like the EVF better than the one in my EM1.2. Much better color. Its a great $600-700 camera! Value aside, it will serve the intended purpose. I'm sure it will outperform the 5.2. Its superior to an EM10.3 though that's still an appealing camera. EM10.2 even better. OLY should keep making them.

A few takeaways from the store: They were crowded because they had an anniversary sale. I bought my camera from the "M43 lady". The sales rep who shoots M43, maybe the only one in the store. The OLY rep was there.

They took 6 EM-1.2's in trade for EM1.3s. Kenmore Camera, in Kenmore, Washington if you want a nice EM1.2 at a good price. They sell the dogs to a guy who sells them on EBAY.

They were happy with the sales volume of M43 gear. Some of the people who traded brought in "system X" cameras. Maybe $20 DSLRs bought on EBAY, but they did buy OLYs. The OLY rep says "system X" photographers are coming over. The sales rep said the "Test and Wow" program is working. Think I'll try it out. She said people think the little sensor won't make a photo as good as their "big sensor camera" but when they try it they find that it does. OK, not the experts who know how to create art maybe, average folks? More of them out there than those who know how to use edge of a knife DOF, DR and such, and take the time do it. Bread and butter customers.

I handled the 12-45 on an EM10.3 without a grip. Darn if it didn't feel great. That's a very compact lens. Very solid feeling. Like a mini 12-40 without the clutch and the button. Very nice. Expensive for that body but on sale, at a good bundle discount, a very nice piece of kit. It balances well on an EM10, constant f/4 12-45, that's a nice kit with that body.

The Panasonic display next to the OLY display, couldn't help looking over at one of their FF cameras with a big telephoto on it. Compared with what I was looking at and handling it looked gargantuan. I couldn't use it, great tech that it must be.

I picked up an EM1.3. They changed the grip. It is thicker. It fits perfectly in my hand. It instantly felt more comfortable than my EM1.2. I could own it just for the grip. It is that different and that much more comfortable - to me. Everybody has different hands. I found other cameras more comfortable. Not anymore. For my hands this is the most comfortible camera I've held.

I never had a camera with a joystick. Cool!  Don't have to have it, but like it. For what I do I don't need an EM-1.3 but I'd like one. A little better in some ways, I don't have an interest in HHHR, but better C-AF, tracking, better HRM would be nice. Down the road maybe. I was after the EM5.3 for an event in March where I won't have big lenses with me. I did not buy the grip.

Wheh I arrived home, I tried mounting lenses. 12-40, P12-60, 14-150, 75, 40-150PRO, 75-300. I felt comfortable with all of them except the 40-150PRO. I could use it but I think it would be much better with the grip, better that that probably on the EM1.2. I like the 75 better on the EM1.2 also.

I tried the 17 f/2.8, and 17 f/1.8. Convinced me I no longer need the pancake but I'll keep it in case I want to mount in on my PM2, go for a walk and use it as a P&S camera. I tried it with the Bower fisheye. That works. It feels good with almost any lens I own on it. The thumb rest is much bigger. I feel like that helps grip the camera, more than I expected.

I picked up the EM1.2 with the 12-40 and the EM5.3 with the 12-32 and I know why I bought this camera. With the 12-40 on it, that kit feels like a beast compared with the EM5.3 and a compact lens. I'll still use the EM1.2 with the 12-40 but a lot of the time when I don't need the 12-40 I'll use the EM5.3. It works with the 12-40 if needed.

This is cool. I'm going to the Amelia Island Concurs in March where I'll be shooting mostly standard FL with the camera on a wrist strap all day for three days. The EM5.3 feels like nothing with a compact prime or zoom on it. This will be great if I add the 45 f/1.8 and/or a 25. It's exactly what I want.

I haven't played with the camera much but I did notice anti-shock is missing. Huh? On this light body I would expect it be included. No anti-shock for panning? Rolling shutter with the electronic shutter? Have to find out why its missing.

I like the ISO button. I don't like the 2X2 switch and didn't like the one on the EM5.2 either. It's on the other side from where it is on the EM5.2. That's better because the EVF housing isnt; in the way, but its hard to grip.

I'm not excited about spending $900+ tax on this camera but if I use it for 4 years that's $50 a year more than a $699 price. It seems like does what I want. I can live with it.

Busy weekend, crappy weather. Eventually I'll take a picture.

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