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For over a year and a half I had been weighing my options, knowing that I was ready for new gear but was still trying to figure out the best way to go.  One thing which was a constant throughout this journey was that no matter where I went, at least one macro lens was going to be part of the package.  In November 2019 I finally made the decision which had been tickling at me for a long time -- to just stop waffling and just go with Sony and one reason was that wonderful 90mm Sony f/2.8 lens.  I had long lusted after that lens, even though at the time I still had a bunch of Nikon and third-party macro lenses right here at home.  Everything I read about that 90mm f/2.8 macro  said it was stellar, every image I saw coming from it sure seemed to bear that out, too.  I wanted one.

So the day I went to the camera shop and made my big switch, I announced right off the bat (after saying which camera body, the A7R IV,  I was interested in) that I wanted that 90mm f/2.8 macro.  I also got the 50mm that day, as there are times when one needs and wants a lighter-weight, easier-to-move-around-with kind of macro.....

That was in November.  Now, this is February and although I have not been keeping count, I can easily assure you that the number one lens in my household, the one I've been using the most, time after time, is that 90mm macro.  I love the thing, it is just right for me and the way I like to shoot and what I like to shoot, and it's just a natural process: I slip the lens on the camera and we do our thing.  We have experimented together: the camera, the lens and me, trying interesting new ideas, seeing what works and what doesn't,  and happily have come up with a few amazing results as well.  I. Love. This. Lens.    Get it.  you won't be sorry, I promise you!

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