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Re: High-end MBP vs. mini & low-end MBP

Jacques Cornell wrote:

Last year, I faced a choice in upgrading from a 2012 13" MBP (with aftermarket SSD in the optical bay). This had served as my one and only production machine for five years. The conundrum: go maxed MBP or desktop + entry-level laptop. I chose the latter and got a used 2013 Mac Pro and an entry-level 2017 13" MBP. At the time, the Mac Pro represented a significant step up in performance over the best MBP, and the mini hadn't been updated in several years. Were I doing this today, I'd get a 6-core Mac mini (16GB RAM and 512GB SSD for $1500) instead of the Mac Pro. The mini represents a lot of bang for the buck. I use the MBP (8GB RAM & 256GB SSD for $1500) infrequently, and it serves well when using Lightroom on location, so I'm happy with my choice. The MBP also serves as a backup in case my Mac Pro fails.

Geekbench multi-core scores for the 8-core 16" MBP are only 17% higher than for the 6-core Mac mini.

As for performance of the Photos app, I couldn't say. Lightroom and PhotoLab both perform very well on both my Macs. macOS has become very efficient in using RAM, and I'm pleasantly surprised at how well I get by with just 8GB on my MBP.

I'm still happy with the 16" MBP. Hindsight I did not think much of the mini because I was blind looking for the very latest CPU. Like you said, it isn't dramatically higher performance but it screams overall with an eGPU. I observed my photo processing does not use the CPU as heavily as the GPU. I still prefer the portability otherwise the desktop  choice would now be the mini due to the expandabilty options -  eCPU,  larger external Thunderbolt storage and RAM. Although all of those except for RAM is still an option with the MBP at a higher cost


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