M10 Monochrom Interest?

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Re: M10 Monochrom Interest?

SrMi wrote:

Bags27 wrote:

I went back to Reid's article, where he is evaluating photos produced by the M10M and concludes its true base is between 400 and 640. Considering that as base gives more "highlight headroom." I can't cut-and-paste here, because Reid's paywall is terrifically proprietary and I'd be shut out. He's done earlier, similar studies of M ISO, but determinations of true base ISO will, I suppose, be subjective.

Sidestepping the discussion about the base ISO :-), we can learn the following from Sean's and Bill's analysis:

- Largest DR at ISO 160

- If shooting below ISO 400, apply negative exposure compensation in order to better preserve highlights.

In practice, incorrect exposure will lead more to blown highlights than the "highlight headroom" of a given ISO.

Just as was true with the two previous Monochrom cameras. Leave plenty of room at the high end of the histogram.

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