The EOS R5 is the mirrorless 5D mkV (and the R6 is the 6DIII)

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Re: The EOS R5 is the mirrorless 5D mkV (and the R6 is the 6DIII)

TN Args wrote:

GatanoII wrote:

The EOS R5 is the mirrorless version of 5D mkV (it's coming I guess), Canon did gave us a reasonable hint with its name, it's the most detailed part of the development announcement

So the price point will be almost the same, so don't be fooled by the astonishing 8k , the 12fps and 20fps with a 45mp sensor with IBIS, Canon has a new fab that allows them to make new sensors and the new Digic processor that are much more advanced than the ones we had on our previous generations cameras, Canon want to sell mirrorless cameras and make money in a shrinking market, the only way to continue to be the number one (DSLR and mirorless combined) is to be the number one even with FF mirrorless and this camera is going to play this tough game, the 1DXIII is the best DSLR ever made (if you don't care about extremely high resolution) why the R5 shouldn't aim to be the best mirrorless ever made? (until the R5s and the real flagship R1 comes out)

We already know from the rumor mill that proved to be right about the R5, the 24-105 , the 100-500 and the extendes (and the 850D) that also an R6 is coming soon with a "lame" 20MP, but also very fast at 12fps and 20fps and the price will be very interesting, just as it's the 6DII (and the future 6DIII).

"We already know"? It's a rumour mill, we don't "know" those things at all.

All we know is:

  • new sensor and processor
  • 8K video (whoopee)
  • IBIS (actual whoopee)
  • "up to" 20 fps with silent shutter (usually a bogus number that doesn't apply to CAF)
  • "up to" 12 fps with mechanical shutter (usually a bogus number that doesn't apply to CAF)

While we do not know the shutter speeds with CAF we also do not know how much rolling shutter artifacts are shooting action images in the new 45mp image sensor using silent shutter. Different sensor designs have different shutter artifact limitations when using the electronic silent shutter. The Sony A9 rolling shutter noise is reduced by it's sensor readout design and technology in contrast to earlier image sensor designs.

The silent shutter in the R5 may have less image distortion from the rolling shutter. Let us hope that it does whatever the A9 does to reduce this artifact for rapidly moving images. We will not know until the R5 is shipping and in the hands of real users whether the silent shutter design has been improved of that of the EOS R.

  • two card slots
  • seamless image uploads to Canon's new cloud service

Canon is going to use it's best arsenal to conquer the FF mirrorles camera market (while still making money also with DSLR ), they already are doing very well with the EOS M, despite being criticized , they know what the APSC user base want and they sell more than other crop mirrorless cameras ,so they also know what a FF user want, but they didn't had the technology ready (trusty but "recycled" sensors and CPU in the R and RP), now they have new sensors and number crunching horse power with the R5 (and R6) and are going to give us this "dream" camera (competition will try to do the same), but not at 5000$+ as most naysayers are telling us, it will be the mirrorless 5D so it will be at the same price point, unless Canon did everything right for the HW in the camera and will do all wrong in the marketing department (I don't think so).

BTW it's clear the naming scheme of the new mirrorless camera is using the R instead of the D.

And the speculation continues... best to wait, honestly.


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