How to make it to dpreview's Best Cams under $1,000 USD 2020

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How to make it to dpreview's Best Cams under $1,000 USD 2020

I noticed a glaring lack of representation of m43rds in dpreview's list of best cameras under $1,000 USD in 2020 article. I can't say I can blame them given how fierce the competition has gotten.

GX9 and that's it, no Olympus Pen. Makes sense considering the EPL10 is identical to an EPL9 except for a firmware upgrade. So much for "Olympus kaizen."

The good news is that I don't think it would take much to solve. I don't know how much the 20 MP sensor costs over the 16 MP sensor but-

Both Olympus and Panasonic need to stop the "hand me downs" and put virtually the same image quality across their entire line. This is what some competitors, notably Fuji are doing. I can buy an X-T30 with the same image quality of the Xpro3 or X-T3. Differentiate the line by other performance and features.


Here's what the EPL10 should have been -or what the EPL11 should be

- Same body size of EPL9/10

- Same controls except - add a new button to the left side of the body. Holding this button blows you to cycle through PenF film simulations and features to create color profiles

- Use the 20 MP sensor, with no AA filter. Do not hold back on base image quality.

- See what you learned in making the IBIS of the EM5.3 smaller, and see how you can improve in any way the IBIS of the EPL11 from 3.5 stops to at least 4 stops.

- Consider providing 50 MP super high res Landscape mode in the advanced photo modes, if the new IBIS can allow it. Make sure you market this special "Landscape/travel mode"

Imagine that- no other small camera can claim this level of resolution for travel landscapes.

- Take out C-AF completely. The EPL9/10 are not great here and I don't think people care. But if you just and you use the 20 MP sensor with PDAF, then leave it in.

- Ah yeah, PDAF not necessarily. Focus on a solid S-AF including in low light down to -4 EV at least at F1.4 - reasonably fast

The very minimum - everything the same but 20 MP sensor with no AA filter, and ability to focus well in low light.

A camera like this priced at $650 USD would be quite amazing. Don't worry on canibalizing anything because the upper OMD cameras have other features that will make them clearly better for more "pro use cases."

Try to align street photography or some "serious" domain with this camera besides marketing to social/party/birthday/wedding guest scenarios.

The Pen-F line is dead. Keep the idea of small with the EPL. Make it a bit more capable. It will be great. Use it as a "get away drug" to a segment of those who buy it, that will look up in camera models as they get more comfortable with m43rds if they go that way.

Fail to level up this line, and watch more people keep using cell phones.


A lot of the above applies to you- make the GX850 have the 20 MP sensor

Or GM5 true premium successor...

Fix those dials that go wrong so fast. Make them durable.

Market the small fun aspect with high quality

Also make GX9 better by adding OLED EVF, latest generation DFD, better IBIS.

I really think these cameras made more competitive and current would stand out more. Maybe they sell in buckets anyways, but showing on lists like dpreview list is free PR for you. Consider the marketing savings.

I for one would pick an EPL11 as I described over any OMD - including the EM5 MKIII for street work.

Nothing I am asking here seems beyond the technology we have. I don't know how much is the 20 MP sensor over the 16 MP one though.

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