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Re: Bit harsh on the new AF

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Picky, but not convinced Nikon is 3rd for AF anymore. It's better than my A7RIII at least.

Not my experience. I trust the Sony for pro work (weddings), not so much the Nikon wrt AF. And if you consider the A9, the Canon R and Nikon Z are clearly behind wrt AF. Very clearly.

Nikon improved AF via firmware updates, but so did Canon. The R is quite good now, too. If the R5 is improving on that similarly to what the 1dxiii is showing now, Canon will be very strong in mirrorless, in my opinion, they have some fantastic new lenses, too.

All that doesn't mean those cams aren't usable at all, far from it. Nikon put in two very good sensors, has some nice f1.8 primes, but I am interested in f1.2 or f1.4 primes and so far Nikon is slower on that front. I used Nikon and Canon professionally before moving to Sony and am very happy with this decision. Nevertheless my gut feeling is that Canon will make a big splash with the R5 given what I have seen from the 1dxiii and will remain N.1 in camera companies.

Agreed! From sales numbers. But they have now just about caught up to the performance of my D800 from 2012 sensor-wise. Apart from that I have no use for their enourmously heavy and expensive R lenses. I am really greatful, that Nikon came out with some 1.8 lenses and I have actually bought the 50mm F1.8. Talk is cheap. I have also bought the Z50 double zoom kit that is temendous value for money and from that viewpoint is far, far ahead of Canon. I can actually use the 50 on my Z50 as well, or any other F-mount lens. I applaud Nikon's decison to keep their FF and APS-C lines with the same mount and interchangeable lenses both ways. To an amateur like me Nikon is perfect. Add to that that I can adopt lenses from Canon, Sony or any other source to my Z's.

So happens I have struck gold with the Laowa 12mm for F mount mounted on Laowa Shift Converter (only available for Nikon F and Canon EF mount to Sony E ) via a cheap Kipon adapter E to Z. A "cheapish" (compared to shift lenses from Nikon and Canon) sharp into the corners 17mm F4 shift lens.

Also Canon has nothing like the 4K video on the Z's.

I am sure Canon will come up with a fantastic camera body 1,5 years after the Z7, but to me that is not "staying ahead". Where is Canon's mirror less body with IBIS?

It is my definition of Canon playing "catch up" to Nikon.

The 50mm/1.8 is indeed fantastic! Will be interesting how Nikon goes on with the Z successors.

I can remember the discussion about IBIS from the past when Sony had it and Canikon didn't Now it is seen as a must

Even Canon is introducing it in the r5 and claims up to 8 stops when combined with lens IS. I know DPAF well and think the potential is amazing (no need for half shaded DPAF points which cause striping when shooting against the sun, -6ev sensitivity at f1.2 etc., fantastic video AF and now at least A9/D5 level AF in the 1dxiii). I think we will enter a phase (likely soon) where it is nuances and preference deciding which camera people prefer. Sony, Canon and Nikon will have comparable performance and great enough lens selections.

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