Perhaps the lens is sharper than we thought??

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Re: good results

ANAYV wrote:

Kevin Coppalotti wrote:

these look good.


and yes i've noticed similar with fz150, fz200 series.

most of the pics are soft, and every so often focus /stability works perfectly and the image is crystal clear sharp.

yes, soft light produces the best pics, and this often needs slow shutter speeds, so the IS is critical to avoid pushing the ISO too high.

Yep. 1/60th is really too slow handheld, even for the best O.I.S.

Most times too slow for the subject, but seems this GBH was still enough.

Burst mode, taking 3 to 5 shots helped to have a few keepers


One has to really consider what one is asking of the camera.  Sensor is the same area as FZ300, but it has 18MP instead of 12MP, 50% more even discounting the separation between pixels.  So if we want the light per pixel we get on the FZ300, we need to expose for ISO66.  The lowest ISO on the FZ80 however is ISO80.  Then image stabilisation is already tricky at 600mm.  We take 1200mm.  The FZ300 has a max aperture of F2.8 in low light, the FZ80 has one of F5.9 at its long end.  With regard to the light it can work with, that's about 4.5 times less just by aperture alone.

So if you are going to look for the same amount of pixel noise per pixel at the long end at _equal_ exposure time (even though 1200mm would warrant shorter unless you are using a tripod or miraculously good image stabilisation), the equivalent to ISO80 on the FZ80 would on the FZ300 be about ISO530.

The FZ80 is no twilight camera.  It's not like the FZ300 is a twilight camera, but at least the FZ300 doesn't sacrifice light for zoom length.  And for a small sensor, light is kind of important.

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