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FYI: Newest Lightroom/ACR discards your prevoius raw defaults

The latest Lightroom Classic and ACR released on Februrary 2020 (LR v9.2  / ACR v12.2) adopted a new, more flexible model for specifying default settings of your ingested files. As part of this new implementation, any previous raw defaults you have will be discarded, which means any files you import starting with this new version will have Adobe defaults rather than any defaults you set previously. It wont affected files you've already ingested.

The old method of applying raw defaults has been removed: Develop > Set Default Settings > Update to Current Settings or by pressing Alt/Option + Reset, are no longer available. Instead, you have to create a preset based on the raw settings you want want, then configure LR/ACR for the raw defaults (global, camera model, camera S/N, etc..) to use that preset in the Edit -> Preferences -> Presets dialog, "Raw Defaults" section.

Here are links with details on the new defaults implementation:

New Lightroom Raw Default Settings and New ACR Raw Defaults Settings

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