Missed Opportunity

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Missed Opportunity

We have all been there right?  You see the light and you don't shoot it and think it will be there later … but it is not.

We arrived in Danang Vietnam a week ago to take a vacation within our trip.  The idea was to sit on the beach or by the pool and just relax after a hard 6 weeks of traveling in SE Asia.

We arrived to our room in the evening just as the sun was setting behind the building towards the sea.  I looked out our balcony and saw the amazing cloud formations.  I was tired and wanted to go eat, so I did not walk down to the beach and shoot up the beach towards Danang and the amazing peninsula that juts out from Danang with the giant Lady Buddha on it.  Instead I set up the tripod on the balcony and fired a few shots and later cropped out the buildings below me.  It was beautiful light and it was clear - no haze.  This is winter in Central Vietnam and there is often a murky haze here.  It is not the rice field burning smoke haze I had for a solid month previously.  It is a water mist haze.

So for 5 days since then, we have had dark skies with no visible clouds - just a dark gray haze.  Terrible light.  I lost my opportunity.  I should have immediately gone out to the beach to shoot that light.  Here are the shots from the balcony.

The next morning, our first morning here, we walked down the beach for 7 kilometers total.  I carried the Leica Q2 and left the GFX 100 in the room.  I should have at least taken it out to the beach and shot a few shots because the light was amazing.  In the 6 mornings since then?  Nothing.  Here is a shot from the Q2 to show you what I missed.

Q2 shot - I could have easily had some like this  with the GFX 100 on a tripod.  No chance now....

Last evening it was raining.  The light was dull gray and I saw some fishermen pulling in nets on the beach.  About 7 guys do a tug of war and pull in these nets that are 100 meters long.  They set them out when the tide goes out and pull them in later in the day.  I don't know how they stay out there and don't wash back in.  I was on a tripod with the GFX 100 and the 23 with a CP.  I did all kinds of cheating in post.  Maxed the shadow slider.  Dulled the highlights.  Added dehaze.  You can see that the far peninsula is completely sopped in and it was raining hard.  The GFX 100 was sopping wet.

Note the clump of old net and rope that washed up with the tide.  They clean that up fast.   A lot of plastic washed up too.  An Army of cleaners comb the beach every day and pick it all up.

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