Best portraiture prime for EOS-R

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Re: Best portraiture prime for EOS-R

RDKirk wrote:

stevvi wrote:

Dexter75 wrote:

Your clients are never going to notice (or care) about the difference between 1.2 and even 1.8 Don’t bother wasting your money unless you absolutely NEED 1.2 because you are shooting in such low light all the time.

For me, that's the thing about doing something "properly"... it doesn't matter if no-one else knows or notices, as long as I know.


What is "properly" in this context?

Penn never shot wider than f/2.8. Were none of Irving Penn's portraits "proper?"

"Properly" is "as I want to take the photo to achieve the look I want, knowing I've done the best I can". If I want f1.2 or f22 then that's my choice, but if I used f1.8 and thought that f1.2 would have been better, *and could afford it*, that would irk me.

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