Head to head: the 45-100/4 and the 32-64/4

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Head to head: the 45-100/4 and the 32-64/4

The Fujifilm 32-64/4 is a great lens. It’s the second-best zoom I’ve ever tested, bested only by the Nikon 180-400/4, which is playing in a different league in both focal length and price. Since there is so much overlap between the ranges of the 32-64 and the new 45-100, and because the 32-64 sets a high bar, it seems natural to test the new kid on the block against the old pro. This is an informal test. I’ll follow up with a Siemens Star test later.

My conclusions, from tests at 45 mm and 64 mm:

  • In the center, the lenses are very close.
  • The 45-100 is a much better performer in the corners at f/4, and is usefully better at f/5.6.
  • By the time you get to f/8, corner performance is similar.
  • I suspect the 45-100 has more field curvature than the 32-64, because it did much better in this test than in the corners in my lens screening test.

Details -- and 25 (!) sample images -- here:


Testing note: there are some things about the GFX 100 that drive me up the wall, and the thumbwheel is near the top of that list. I can roll it to the right without triggering the focus magnifier, but turning it the other way is a big problem for me. I guess I could defeat the focus magnification, but I really like to invoke it with the wheel. The GFX 50S wheel was great. Why did FUji have to mess with a good thing?

Consigning the tilt-swivel EVF adapter to the photo cabinet seems to have fixed my EVF blackout problems.


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