OK gang - got a ton of questions for you RE: Blue Tooth

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Ben Herrmann
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OK gang - got a ton of questions for you RE: Blue Tooth

As a matter of background information, I have a 64 Bit Windows 10 system. Recently, I was experiencing periodic blue tooth drop outs with several blue-tooth enabled PC soundbars that I own.

So considering that my PC is around 4 years old, I went on Amazon and purchased a Blue Tooth 5 PCI Express card, fully expecting an improvement in that arena. I installed it and it "seemed" to be working (I didn't know if it was now functioning, or if the old blue tooth connection was still in effect).

After two days, I was unable to get any blue tooth connections at all. I checked my Device Manager and it is telling me that my blue tooth device is not connected and that I should connect it. So I pulled out the blue tooth card and reinserted it.

OK, I thought, the new blue tooth card is plugged in, but still nothing was functioning. So I pulled out the blue tooth card again, expecting that everything would go back to the original blue tooth scenario in my PC. However, even after doing that, it tells me that my blue tooth is still not connected.

So I then uninstalled the driver(s) for the bluetooth and rebooted the system, assuming that Windows Update would install the correct driver for the original blue tooth device - but that didn't happen at all. Now I can't find anything relating to blue tooth in my device manager.

So following difference suggestions, I then went to Device Manager and all of a sudden, my Blue Tooth is not showing up under network connections, where up to yesterday, it was the first item on the list.

I then went into "services" and turned on the 3 blue tooth references:

I then went back to the Blue Tooth Troubleshooter and it tells me that Blue Tooth is not available on my system.  W.T.F - how did this happen?

In the separate area in Device Manager - under Blue Tooth, near the top - it lists all of my current blue tooth connections (different devices), but nothing else:

I am going to send back the blue tooth card I just purchased back to the Amazon vendor and possibly get another one with better ratings. And BTW, if any of you have any superb suggestions for outstanding blue tooth cards, please let me know (with links of course).

But my question winds up being, "why didn't the computer just go back to the earlier blue tooth scenario that I had in my system after removing the new blue tooth card?"

As it stands now, I have no BT capabilities at all.

I checked a variety of sites that I knew of but I couldn't find anything that exactly narrowed down the issues I'm having.



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