Wasted 2 hours of My Life. I Blame Fuji. Not Myself.

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Wasted 2 hours of My Life. I Blame Fuji. Not Myself.

I have been on this beautiful beach in Danang Vietnam for 6 days and it has been constant clouds, rain, bald gray skies and a dark vaporous haze that would depress a vampire and cause even teens not to use their phone cameras.

All of a sudden tonight at 10 PM I looked out our balcony and saw stars and actual puffy clouds and a moon. So I left my adoring wife of 37 years alone in our bed (she begged me not to go), grabbed my GFX 100 and a tripod, and made a mad dash for the beach.

I stuck the 23 on and decided to take some night beach shots at 55 seconds for you guys. (I did this for you, not me.)

So I did what I always do. I put the camera on manual, used the front dial to move the ISO to base 100, set the aperture on the lens to F8 and started trying to set the shutter speed to 55 seconds on the rear dial like I always do. The shutter speed would not move. I spun that dial until it almost melted from the friction. Nothing.....

So I'm out there on the sand with a pen light digging through menus to try to see if I inadverently reassigned the rear wheel. I started cursing and mumbling and asking why Fuji did npt give me a damn SS dial on that huge camera.... You know ... a shutter dial like on all my other Fuji cameras.

So I gave up and went back to the room and played with the camera in the hotel room for an hour. I could not change the shutter speed no matter how I tried. So I went to bed and tossed and tuened for 20 minutes. Teresa moaned softly and was quivering with anticipation but I abandoned her and grabbed my true love -- the GFX 100 with no SS control.  I stroked it gently and asked it how to change shutter speed.  I decided the camera was broken.  But then I thought it had to be something else....

So I got back up and stared at the camera some more.  I stroked it some more and rubbed it gently as I spoke to it in whispering tones....  Why won't you change shutter speeds for me baby?  Then I noticed the top screen said SS Lock. The LCD and EVF did not say that. So I started asking myself ... what the Hell is SS lock and how do I turn it off?

So I dig through the on-line manual and couldn't find anything. So I Google it. Up pops a post by Jim Kasson from months ago asking how do you turn off the damn SS Lock? Someone said you punch the button up by the shutter release for 5 seconds and it switches on and off. So I did it and the SS Lock switched off and I then changed SS with no problem. I turned off SS Lock. Then I turned it back on again.  Then off.  Then on.

What the Hell is SS Lock? I don't want it. I don't need it. Who asked Fuji for that? Why why why why???????

I lost a shooting chance tonight and 2 hours of my life.

What kind of BS is this? What the Hell? Why would anyone want to lock that?

I can't believe this. Am I the only idiot this has happened to? Unbelievable. Can I just have a SS knob like in the old days. Please.....

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