M10 Monochrom Interest?

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Re: M10 Monochrom Interest?

BostonBoy wrote:

Here is one more than I posted either here or on a different forum, I can't remember.

It's shot at ISO 10.000. The Metal Structures still looks like Metal. Noise - yes, but still very crisp with a lots of details. It's amazing really - even when compared to my D5 (totally different animal, I know).

Amazing tonality. And sure, completely surrender to the dark side and get the 50!

Do you know Sean Reid's discussion of base ISO on the M10M? IIRC (too lazy to check), I think he determines it at ~600 rather than 160, the latter being for him a pull. He argues that a higher base is actually advantageous. Certainly, if the upper usable ISO is suddenly 50k, it explains how the M10M has expanded by a couple of stops usable ISO rather than by several stops, which would be a rather dramatic improvement.

Wonder what your experience is. I see your first posted photo is at 160. Wonder what 160 and 640 look like in comparison.

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