Take a used 24-70 f4 or a new 35mm f1.8?

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Re: Take a used 24-70 f4 or a new 35mm f1.8?

Do you need or desire the 1.8 low light ability?

or do you prefer the convenience of a 24-70 for general purpose?

I'd start with that.

For me, I've had this same debate - I currently have the 24-70 2.8S with my Z6 but have wondered about getting the 35 1.8, but would also like the F4 for general use. Even though the 2.8 isn't too bad, the F4 is significantly lighter and smaller which would be better for day traveling and such.

I've been debating this for months and have yet to make a move... however I'm thinking I'll probably purchase another Z6 with the 24-70 F4 as a kit lens refurbished through B&H as that is a pretty sweet deal. Then get a 35 later.

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