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Re: I think it's more important to be able to focus?

VideoPic wrote:

Winmeister wrote:

Walt Palmer wrote:

In what way(s) is the G9 quite a bit better than the EM1.2, please?

Mode 2 of High Res mode 2 leaves no ghosting and only less details locally where things are moving, which should be very small portion of your image in reality. Olympus can't handle anything that moves. I thought EM1.3 High Res was going to be as good or better but from what I have seen no. Just the post processing in camara between Oly and Panny. I have both EM1.2 and G9 maybe EM1X is different in camera algorithm to EM1.2 and EM1.3 but for sure G9 algorithm is better. FW update could fix but not sure internal hardware of EM1.2 is too old now.

- I am trying a G9 currently and was surprised at how bad the CAF on the G9 really is, especially in video mode - its OK if you have a MF person running alongside you

- Thing is if you used to the EM1 II amazing focus then its difficult to get used to the G9

- Personally I also think IBIS on Olympus is a step ahead...

- The G9 is HUGE & heavy - with the EM1 at least I have the choice to keep it small and compact or add a bottom plate and have it the same size as a G9

- And that huge EVF - awful - the sides are bend you need to squeeze against the side of the EVF to see it all, especially the bend sides - with the EM1 you can have your eye a little away and still see it all fantastically....

Does this all matter - no....its really all up to personal choice & needs, whats good for me might be horrible to the next guy....

So why even start the stupid argument you made? Most important you add NOTHING of value or support to the OP request for having fun and post images.....

I don't disagree with you and with the M4/3lenses I have, which are mostly Olympus, anything that moves fast that I want to shoot, I will either take EM1.2 or Sony RX10iv.

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