Time for SIGMA to overhaul SPP! (?)

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Time for SIGMA to overhaul SPP! (?)

With the 35mm Full-Frame Foveon sensor going back to the drawing, is it time for SIGMA to look after their existing customers?

Unlocking all features for all cameras would be an appreciated first step e.g. Curves for Merriill and older.

Upgrade the Chroma NR for all models, a Machine Learning tool could breathe new life into the cameras, no more Bilateral Filter blotching for Merrill for instance!

A proper sharpening tool with radius control? RawTherapee has just introduced a new Capture Sharpening tool that I think is RL-D based, similar would be appreciated!

A Contrast tool that doesn't affect Saturation, that can be fine tuned across detail size?

Local adjustments might be expecting too much but more and more RAW editors (not compositors) are adding layers and gradient/radial/luminosity/chroma masks to do this.

Powerful lens corrections a la DxO Optics would be nice too.


My Merrills are hamstrung by software and SIGMA have clearly resigned them to the past, but with no upgrade path on the horizon, it'd be nice if they updated SPP and pay a hat-tip to the SIGMA faithful.

There are a million and one tools and features that could be added unnecessarily, but intelligently upgrading SPP and fully supporting older cameras feels like a positive step for them to take at this juncture. Yes/no?

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