The biggest issue with the A7r4 that can be fixed very easily...

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Re: The biggest issue with the A7r4 that can be fixed very easily...

bsas wrote:

I am a happy owner of an A7r3 and I loved the specs of the A7r4, but, I will not get it. Why? Because of the uncompressed RAW files SIZE...

Seriously, I have no idea why Sony cannot add a single LZW compression on their firmware. I am not talking about fancy proprietary compression, I am talking about open-source industry standard ones.

Just do a simple test: get ANY RAW file from a Sony camera and run on a ZIP software in your computer. Completely lossless and makes the file actually smaller then the "lossy" compressed RAW that Sony offers.

I just don't get it. A7r3 RAW files are already a nightmare for my backup drive. I just cannot handle 61mp of that :(...

If Sony just comes out tomorrow with a firmware across the board (A7iii, A7r3, A9 and A7r4) offering lossless compressed RAW (like everyone else, and like their customers are asking for ages), then I will be tempted to get the A7r4. Until then, I am not planning to spend the cameras worse in more external drives, thank you

I don't see a problem. Use the compressed Raw files for almost everything and uncompressed for supercritical stuff.

We shoot Sony for a very long time now and have 300k images a year easily, mostly weddings. For the huge majority of cases you will be hard pressed to see a difference in compressed vs. uncompressed raws. Sony's algorithm isn't that bad.

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