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How to record more good image data

amblepath wrote:

Thanks for the link. Very interesting.


I was trying to expose so as to not lose detail in the snow on the mountain tops. To be honest I should be more up on the technical end of things considering how long I've been in to photography. Been too lazy with it I guess.

Mike I don't think there are hard rules.... I think the main thing is... you the artist at the point you take the image and you ending your work in-front of your PC.....

That said, one suggestion - looking at the above image consider this..... the snow is the smaller percentage of the image and the trees, water, mountains 80% plus.

You basically exposed for the snow which is of little value if they white or white with details?

Where you like better data is the shadows and mid tones. What I explain in my article is shifting the histogram to the right will enable your camera to record more image data (tonal data) because we know most tonal data is recorded in the highlights (right side of the histogram)

Try one of your next images....let the show selectively blow out and see if you can get half or even a full stop ETTR and test if you get more detail in the trees to play with....



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