Please help me choose monitor. Dell U2415 vs NEC EA245WMI-BK

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Please help me choose monitor. Dell U2415 vs NEC EA245WMI-BK

I need/want a new 24" monitor for 30% office work (spreadsheets and word processing), 30% web design and SEO, 30% programming VBA code with VBE running side by side with Excel, and 10% for photo editing.

My audience/viewers of my work are corporate office workers, executives and the general. They read/view my documents, spreadsheets, websites and photos.

I want to do a good job, but 98% of my audience does have color corrected/calibrated monitors. So they probably won't notice any subtle color inaccuracy. So I don't think I need a highend color corrected/calibrated monitor.

I am an programmer, photographer, and IT manager. I can afford any monitor for my home office, but don't want to waste money getting better than I need, but I want something good enough to alleviate eye strain and improve productivity, and adequate for photo editing for photos viewed by public online. I do not print photos.

If I can keep the purchase cost down on my home office monitor and still get a good monitor, then I can buy a dozen of the same monitor for my coworkers. Their current monitors are junk.

My main goals are to reduce eye strain and increase productivity (especially when running two programs side by side). My secondary goal is decent photo editing and viewing. My least goal is price. Must be under $400.

It must be 24" monitor with 16:10 ratio, native resolution 1920 x 1200.

I've (probably) narrowed it to Dell U2415 ($218) or NEC EA245WMI-BK ($380).

I personally love NEC monitors. However the NEC costs more, which would make it more difficult for me to get budget approval to buy them for my coworkers. Ideally, I would like to buy the same monitor for myself and my coworkers. Though if necessary, I could get a better monitor for myself.

I've read specs on Dell U2415 and NEC EA245WMI-BK.

It looks to me like the Dell has USB3 output hub vs NEC has USB2 output hub. Is that correct?

I've read and heard rumors that U2415 has good display vs EA245WMI-BK has slightly better display at extreme edges and corners. Is that correct?

Would one or other be easier to read small fonts? My eyesight is poor.

Are there other performance, features, quality, or warranty differences I should consider?

I know NEC support and customer service is excellent. How is Dell?

Before we consider price, please help me compare quality and performance. After that, I can think about price.

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