Canon’s future RF bodies

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Re: Jumping from $1500 to $3500

Alexander Rosenwald wrote:

lawny13 wrote:

Alexander Rosenwald wrote:

lawny13 wrote

The R6 will be better in specs than the RP and R.

20 MP are better than 30 MP?

A plastic body is better than one made from magnesium alloy?

So it is all about MP count and body?

It is not all but a part of the feature list. The R6 is not in all aspects better than the R and RP.

But basically 4k 12/20 fps, 4k 60p, and IBIS... but in a plastic body and 20MP sensor. You tell me which people would likely buy.

Many, if the price is right. Nobody, if it is 3.000 dollars.

But generally on all performance spends the R6 is better than the R period. Only the MP count would be a downgrade and that is debatable considering DR and noise.

One can then argue that the body and build is worse and therefore the R is a “better” camera. So if the R6 is priced lowered I would say that given the choice most people would go for the R6. Even priced the same I would say that most people would go with the R6. It would essentially increase your changes of capturing the moment over the R.

So sorry I just don’t see it. Think about it... 5fps vs 12/20. Full with 4K at 120p vs 4k30p and heavy crop. IBIS vs none. And who knows if they use new sensor tech (newer than the older 5DIV then it will beat the R likely in IQ as well.

The R6 would essentially be more future proof than the R.

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