Canon’s future RF bodies

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Re: Canon’s future RF bodies

Bhotoz wrote:

Messier Object wrote:

Maybe this will help you understand . . .

My crop camera was not an entry point from which I could later ‘upgrade’ to FF. I bought it two years after I bought my FF camera.


I went from 50D to 5d3, and added 7d2 a bit later, because I wanted more "reach" for birds.

Another slight variation here - started with a crop body, then two crop bodies mainly to reduce lens swapping, then added full frame. The point I have in common with both of you is that full frame didn't mean abandoning crop - I've recently upgraded the 80D to a 90D, and (making a few fairly safe assumptions about the spec) I would swap the 7D2 for a 7D3 in a heartbeat if I could.

And later I added also M-system, because I wanted also smaller and lighter system.

Different solution to the same need - I bought an RX10 Mark IV.

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