Canon’s future RF bodies

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Re: EF-M vs RF crop

thunder storm wrote:

rrc1967 wrote:

thunder storm wrote:

Trapped.... might be the wrong word. Nevertheless, when upgrading from M to RF your M-lenses can't be used on the new camera.

so what?

why on earth would I want to?

Because it can save you some money.

no it can't. it would be completely useless downgrading a 45MP camera to a 17MP camera. Why the hell would I do that instead of using the 32MP native camera? There's no purpose at all to that. you may as well stick with the smaller EOS-M camera if that's the case.

No one in their right mind is going to spend 2K+ into a full frame system and then gimp the living daylights out of it.

Furthermore you can still use your M camera as a backup body for your R while not having to carry extra lenses.

the larger RF lenses would be an ergonomic nightmare on a smaller M. Not to mention it's not a practical backup because of focal length changes. Get an RP.

Just face it. they are separate, and odds are Canon will never create a new APS-C line again. This is such a tired argument, and I should know - I was the first to write up about it before the RF mount was even formally announced.

It should be stated that I haven't found an APS-C lens patent application in a while now.

They have completely dried up. That should tell you something.

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