No wonder Sony did not bother...

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Re: No wonder Sony did not bother...

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MILC man wrote:

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As in, bothered to produce a bigger upgrade spec on the A9mk2!!

BOth the D6/1dx3 are a let down spec-wise!

I cant blame sony for just doing small updates on it as they probably knew the 1x3/d6 would barely be a upgrade to the previous version of those cameras(which the original A9 already blew away)

All these cameras are aimed at sports photographers and photojournalists who don't want more than 24mp. Larger files simply slow down the workflow.

Sony a9 II would have been a huge upgrade had Sony not released firmware 5.00 & 6.00 updates to a9. I would not be surprised to see significant firmware updates for a9 II over the coming years.

Nice. It's cheap to do a zip file.

not logical, in part because zip is slow and clumsy to implement in a workflow.

if anything dng makes more sense, because sizes are comparable to zip, and it can be directly edited, without unpacking first.

We all appreciate it no doubt. However with MILC sales falling I doubt Sony is motivated to develop MILC products much further.

you are confusing sony with other companies.

sony camera division profits were up 2% in fy2018, and they have a solid history of more innovation than any other camera company, most especially with the only stacked image sensors that have been put in compact and ilc bodies.

so yes, they will be continuing to develop milc further.

Yes, time marches on. Progress!, progress!, progress! The consensus from technical consultants are that MILC is dying fast and DSLR is nearing death.

I think some consolidation and rationalisation is inevitable. But "death" is not on the horizon.

Computational small-sensor imaging has quite a way to go before it will even touch telephoto action photography, for instance.

We'll be using what Sony MILCs lenses and bodies we own and borrowing as much Sony MILC gear as we can at the Tokyo Olympics. We won't be buying any more gear for the forseeable future.

You speak as though camera purchases are an investment. They aren't.

Cameras are tools. Buy them because you need them (and write them off as part of the cost of doing business as a tog).

If the MILC industry were "dying" as you predict, the value and longevity of the existing crop of 'best of breed' tools would be enhanced, not diminished. If you really followed your own logic, you should be out there buying up everything you can before the supply of a needed resource dwindles. ; )

It wasn't that complicated decades ago when I was first published nor is it that complicated today. Enjoy.

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