Trade in M1.2 for M5.3 - for size?

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Trade in M1.2 for M5.3 - for size?

I am looking for a second opinion.

I have an M10.II and an M1.II.

I love the grip on the M1.II and the three custom positions on the dial.  And it performs good when I photograph sports.  I do use the PD-AF and the Pro-capture-L, though I don't use the Pro-Capture at full speed; I dial it back to save on storage.

But the M1 does not travel well.
If I go in to town or just photograph for fun, I leave the M1 at home because it is too large. It's just more uncomfortable to slide in and out my camerabag, and where the M10 can somewhat fit in a jacket pocket, the M1 can not.

I also don't use the dual card slots very well, tend to use only one; I am not a pro-wedding photographer and I have never had an SD card fail. I don't need the backup.

Last, with the M5.III I would be able to use the same batteries and USB-charger that I have for the M10. I would not have different types of batteries.

So the M10 is the perfect travel camera but it's not weathersealed and it doesn't have PD-AF.
The M1 is sealed and have the PD-AF but it does not travel well.
I am an amateur, and I use the features of the M1/M5 (for sports); but I am no pro and never will be.

So I am considering to trade in the M1.II for the M5.III, aka the 'M1 light'.

What would you recommend?

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The M5.III can not replace the M1.II, what are you thinking?
17.6% 6  votes
The M5.III is a good alternative for the M1.II, go for it!
61.8% 21  votes
Size is that important to you? Try a full frame DSLR to get the right perspective!
20.6% 7  votes
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