My First Experience with ProRes RAW and the Z 6

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My First Experience with ProRes RAW and the Z 6

1. Set up

Followed instructions to set up RAW HDMI out from the camera. The Ninja V automatically recognized that the input was ProRes RAW and without doing anything else it was ready.

2. Shooting

I mounted the Ninja V on the hot shoe and connected by HDMI. I wanted a handhold rig. I used the Z 50mm F1.8 S lens. With a medium-sized battery on the Ninja V it was not too cumbersome. There are two screens - you can see the view on both the camera LCD and on the Ninja. The Ninja shows exactly what is being recorded, and you can use a waveform for exposure; the camera LCD has the focus icons working, and you can touch focus on it as always.

There is no crop.

You can shoot by pressing the record button on the camera, just like for internal video.

So, I shot in 4K 30p, and the Ninja V seemed to record with audio.

3. Editing

I have a Windows computer, so my only choice is Edius Pro 9. There is a trial version, so that is what I used. I had never used it before, so I am sure I can do better, maybe.

First, Edius recognizes the RAW files, understands the color space is REC2020 and applies an HLG gamma curve by default. It transforms the RAW files that you edit in automatically to REC709. I do not know what other options there are, since the trial software has limits on options. In any case, the RAW files are much easier to work with than HEVC or even H264 files, and you see them as normal files with normal (REC709 colors) without doing anything.

I figured out some of the grading tools, adjusting saturation, contrast, white balance to suit what I liked. You see the results of any adjustments instantly in the program. You can play the clips with no hesiitation.

The limits of the trial were that I could only export at 25p in mp4! So, I did. There may be some odd motion, but most, not all, of the shots are static.

My take-away is that it is easy to work with the RAW files, at least in Edius, which does the transform autimatically. It may be easier to work with than compressed files! The clips look good right from the start. So the real issue is whether it is worth carrying around the attached Ninja V for shooting to have 12bit RAW files to work with.

Here is an ugly flash picture of the rig (mounted so I could take the picture). It is not heavy, but its not svelte:

And here is the 4K produced test video - from RAW to REC709 H264:

Note: there is zero sharpening or noise reduction.

Important note: I received the camera at 4 PM, shot between 4 and 5 PM and then edited with software I had never used before. So, I expect I can do better, and others maybe can do much better. Certainly I can make a more interesting video!

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