No wonder Sony did not bother...

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Re: No wonder Sony did not bother...

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As in, bothered to produce a bigger upgrade spec on the A9mk2!!

BOth the D6/1dx3 are a let down spec-wise!

I cant blame sony for just doing small updates on it as they probably knew the 1x3/d6 would barely be a upgrade to the previous version of those cameras(which the original A9 already blew away)

All these cameras are aimed at sports photographers and photojournalists who don't want more than 24mp. Larger files simply slow down the workflow.

Sony a9 II would have been a huge upgrade had Sony not released firmware 5.00 & 6.00 updates to a9. I would not be surprised to see significant firmware updates for a9 II over the coming years.

Nice. It's cheap to do a zip file. We all appreciate it no doubt. However with MILC sales falling I doubt Sony is motivated to develop MILC products much further.

All camera sales are falling. DSLR sales are falling faster. High end stills cameras, compact video cameras, and accessories are still quite profitable. What is your suggestion?

Actually, Nikon and Canon are caught in an awkward situation, making a transition from DSLRs to MILC but still having to support teams working both types.

For Sony, I would love to see them just slow down, e.g. move new camera releases to every 3 years instead of every 2.  Work with their customers more to solve existing problems before jumping to a brand new model.  Get publicity from releasing new firmware rather than releasing new models.

My A7rII is 5 years old now, happy with it, but i would pay for firmware to release focus modes that its capable of.  IMO, thats how you build customer loyalty - continue support of your customers.  Slowing down production of new models to every 3 years or longer would also give Sony time to solve ergonomic problems.  I'm not asking for miracles - just work with your customer base more.

Hold some focus groups in different countries before jumping to a new camera design.  It doesn't mean a company can solve every problem, but customers appreciate being listened to.  Getting off soap box now    I may be wrong, but i have the impression that Fuji does this better than other photography mfrs.

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