My first experience with the X-PRO3

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My first experience with the X-PRO3

Had the opportunity to try out an X-PRO3 yesterday, thanks to Fujifilm NZ and Photogear in Ponsonby, Auckland. The idea was to let people use the camera for 2 hours and discuss the cameras.

There were also pizza and drinks, but a detailed description of what was on offer is maybe for another day.

I took my X-T3 to the event plus 3 lenses of which I only used the 56/1.2. Since Fuji NZ had all current lenses available, I was able to do a direct 1:1 comparison of the 2 cameras, the X-T3 and the X-PRO3 with the 56/1.2 not exactly a speed daemon but typically ok.

Here are my impressions after flipping backwards and forwards between the 2 cameras:

  • I couldn't tell which EVF I preferred. Those 2 were close enough imo not to worry.
  • The Pro3 seemed snappier and more "engaged". The Fuji guy said it was the processor. Who knows, but it certainly felt somewhat faster to use the Pro3.
  • The D-Pad: like some reviewers, I didn't miss the 4-way controller, but liked the less cluttered interface.
  • I used the Duratect Black version. Compared to that, the X-T3 looked a bit pedestrian (no, not really, but boy that Pro3 is a gorgeous looking camera).
  • The exposure control wheel works like somebody who is actually a photographer had designed it. It sticks out more, seems larger, doesn't seem to free spin but is easy enough to operate. The best EC I have ever used - and I use it a lot!
  • The OVF seems MUCH brighter (just from memory) than the X-Pro2's.

I then went for my walk around Ponsonby, a restaurant/café/bar/old-villas trendy suburb of Auckland. Found the Pro3 a dream to use.

Now, to checkout whether there were enough fn buttons on the camera after the loss of the D-Pad (what a sexy name aye??) I assigned the available buttons as follows:

  • Top fn button near the shutter button: shutter type. Had it there for years.
  • Front button (the one in the EVF/OVF switch): face/eye detect
  • AE-L/AF-L button: AF mode. I never ever used that button for its intended use.
  • Rear fn button (above the Q button): Auto-ISO. The joystick can then be used to select the "scope". My 3 scopes are ISO800/3200/6400 with a standard minimum shutter speed of 1/80s. Works for me, but I am sure this will vary greatly depending on what you shoot and how you shoot.

It seems that I don't typically use any other "quick" functions. Changing the film simulation - if I use those - I typically do in the Q-Menu. Same goes for the timer.

Since I had both the X-T3 and the Pro3 with me, I thought I would try the screen for bot quick menu reference as well as shooting. After the first couple of "change-overs" I felt the T3's screen felt clumsy by comparison. The Pro3's screen not only better (is it?? Just appeared that way, but maybe also because the screen is more sheltered from stray light) but also more user friendly when you want to shoot "from the hip" or from wild angles

Like some reviewers have concluded with regards to the LCD, when you use it - and not only have some theories about it - it is surprisingly good.

To cut a long story short: the shooting experience was simply fabulous and I bought a Duratect Black Pro3. The camera was on my list anyway, but if it had been a less mature camera, I wouldn't have bought it. I wasn't desperate.

Maybe a final comment as to what I didn't find, if that's ok:

  • WT* from the Northrup couple. Really had a good look, but nope, couldn't find it.
  • Debacle also wasn't present
  • Desaster: sorry had a closer look at the menu, but nope wasn't there either.
  • *designflawswhatweretheythinkingetc*

A fabulous camera and there is a lot to like about it imo. But: you should actually try it, use it for an hour or so. The fluorescent 5-min shop affair I am afraid won't do.

Here are some OOC shots I took on my walk yesterday:

Shot using the LCD

All photos taken with the 56/1.2 and Pro-Neg film simulation.



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